Thursday, July 9, 2009

Content is the king (Quality content is what a site require)

The experts agree that which with the obligation, the contents of quality on a Web site is one in the best manners of increasing its optimization of Search Engine (SEO), but because a President of marketing in precise line, the double contents can make the opposite just.

In an article for PromotionWorld, Brian Easter, head of company of marketing of Internet NeboWeb, known as that having the contents which appear in many places on the Web an negative impact on a company a strategy of the optimization of Search Engine of S can have ('sEO).

If your contents start to appear in too many places on the Web, the principal engines of research can penalize your pages for, double of contents it writes. This can exert a definitely negative effect on your rows and thus on yours traffic and total presence on line.

But of the companies looking at to increase their optimization of Search Engine (SEO) want that their contents disappear viral and are dependent in the honourable places which can increase the traffic - something which can occur when the original irresistible contents are created.