Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dynamic Optimization

Technologies and the e-business of Internet are now advanced and always developing day after day. Consequently people prefer to have a dynamic Web site for their companies or their presence on line. Thus for some webmasters or new optimizers of Search Engine which has experience to make SEO for Web sites simple statics becomes necessary to also know the way of optimizing a dynamic Web site?

For the successful optimization of Search Engine (SEO) of a dynamic Web site it east require to have some complex technology and methods of Search Engine which primarily different and are sophisticated much than the techniques of SEO used for the ordinary one, more conventional static head Web sites.

In can this article you find some ends useful and important so that the way optimizes a dynamic Web site but initially I would like to describe about what are the dynamic Web sites?

Introduction to the dynamic Web sites:
Maintaining the Web sites of businesses of days often are dynamic means that the Web pages are dynamically built pages which allow the interaction of user and the caddie on line is an example for that.

The dynamic Web sites are Web sites whose pages are produced moving and usually built with a computer programming language such as the asp, the PHP or the JAVA. Often dynamic sites bases data led means that the contents of site are stored in a database and the code dynamic tractions contained of a database.

Problems by indexing the URL dynamic:

It is really difficult to obtain dynamic Web sites correctly indexed in the principal engines of research unless they are professionally optimized. Even the majority of the search engines claim that they index now the majority of dynamic Web sites but always only in certain cases and it is limited to a certain number of URL.

One of the most important reason behind having the problem with the dynamic sites to obtain indexed by the important engines of research is that the search engines often regard a dynamic URL as whole of infinite number of the bonds.

Often dynamic Web pages of days are now created goes from there with various technologies such as asp (active pages of waiter), the technology of cold fusion, JSP (pages of waiter of Java) and so on. Maintaining all these pages are easy to use and work very for the real users really visiting the Web site, but they create usually a disorder with the majority of the spiders of Search Engine.

The primary reason behind it is because all the dynamic pages do not exist even until a user really passes by a question or a variable which produces pages. Often spiders of Search Engine are not programmed to choose or choose any question or variables. In this way, these dynamic pages do not obtain not produced and this is why do not obtain to be indexed.

One of the principal difficulties with spiders of Search Engine are that they cannot read and are not formed to include/understand the dynamic databases the ones of URL which contain a cord of question delimited by a question mark or all the other basic characters of data (#&*! %) which is referred as spider imprisons. Once a spider of Search Engine falls into any from these traps, it spells usually bad news for this dynamic Web site.

As direct consequence that the majority of the caterpillars of research have significant problems reading any level in a typical dynamic database, the majority of these spiders of Search Engine were programmed to detect at the dynamic beginning and to be unaware of the majority of the URL then.

How to optimize a dynamic Web site to obtain it indexed by the important engines of research:

1. Using tools or software of rewriting of URL - there are tools and of the software of rewriting of URL available on the Web which converts a dynamic URL into URL statics. Thus it is to better use these tools to convert a dynamic URL of your site into static URL.

For a company of Digitals of exception of example the solutions offers the software which helps to change the URL dynamic into static head those.

In this way, change of a dynamic URL in static head help to obtain easily indexed by search engines.

2. Using CGI/Perl Scripts - using manuscripts of CGI/Perl is one in the ways easiest to obtain your dynamic sites indexed by search engines. Path_Info or Script_Name is a variable in a dynamic application which contains Complete address URL.

In order to correct this problem, it is necessary to write a manuscript which will draw all information before the cord from question and will place the remainder of information equal to a variable.

When you employ manuscripts of CGI/Perl, the part of question of the dynamic URL is assigned a variable. Thus, in the example above ? id=586 is assigned a variable, said X .
The dynamic URL

will change into

by the manuscripts of CGI/Perl which can be easily indexed by the search engines.

3. Waiters of management of Web

Apache Server - Apache has a module of rewriting which allows you to turn of the URL containing of the cords of question in the URL which seek engines can index. This module however, isn 't installed with the software of Apache per defect, thus must check to you with your company of reception of Web the installation.

ColdFusion - is it necessary to modify ColdFusion on your waiter so that ? in a cord of question is replaced by has/and passes the value to the URL.

4. The static page bound the dynamic pages - the creation of a static page which dependent on a line of dynamic pages between into force very particularly if you would be the owner of a small online store. Create at the beginning right a static page binding to all your dynamic pages. And optimize this static page for rows of Search Engine.

Take care to include a title of bond for all the categories of product, place suitable alt label for the images of product with the description of product containing of the strongly popular key words relating to your business. Subject this static page to various important engines of research including/understanding all the dynamic pages according to the directives for the tender of Search Engine.