Thursday, July 23, 2009

Social Networks truth

On the social networks, him 's not what you know, or even which you know -- he 's which knows you. And that 's rather much where the trouble could start, according to a new report/ratio.

Social networks -- like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn -- are the increasingly popular services which are conceived to help of the people to remain in contact.

Two-third of the social sites of network management of visit of the world 'of population of Internet of S at least once a month.

A quarter of companies were the victim of the attacks of Spam, phishing or of malware via the sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.

Here some ends in line of safety:

1) Do not open the attachments (of no matter whom -- not even your grandmamma).

2) Install supplier-have provided as quickly as possible the corrections of the operating system.

3) Just because you 're using Mac, you 'on the subject not automatically of sure.

4) Gift 't install or update the software (like the flash, the acrobat or the QuickTime right of all old Web site. Type or in your bar of navigator in the place.

5) Update your navigator at IE7, Firefox 3, or the late safari or opera. The updated versions have the better protections established in as well as of the difficulties for different exploits.

6) Do not download the pirated software or the music -- there 'often bad substance of S hidden inside.