Monday, November 9, 2009

New ‘Google Dashboard’ service by Google

Google has been launching so many new services lately that it’s been difficult to keep up. Their Dashboard service is designed to show exactly how much the search giant knows about its users daily online activities.

This service displays a summary of data collect from a specified Google account. Users are afforded the options to sort and manage data collected from a huge array of sources. Data collected ranges from search queries and emails to video usage on YouTube. Users will usually have already allowed consent for Google to keep information about their activities online, now the search behemoth has grasped even more data, ever wonder how much Google actually has on each of us. Just how much information do they have about us? How do they use it?

The service provides a summary of data associated with a specified Google account. Users gain the ability to view and manage data, which ranges from search engine queries and emails sent through Gmail through to videos viewed on YouTube, and much else besides. Users will usually have already consented to allow Google to keep tabs on their activities online, but the search conglomerate’s tentacles reach so far that it’s tough to know just how much information it holds on each of us.
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