Thursday, August 5, 2010

Google wave shutdown

Last May Google announced a new wave of forum communications and the cockpit fan e-mail and instant messaging. It was also effective, real-time collaboration tool. It's more than that.

Perhaps it was a problem, it also offers many opportunities. Besides, people do not necessarily see the need to use wave, even though it was a productive and efficient than traditional tools.

This is what Google said that when the wave started by:
"Wave" is a part of the discussion and the document, in which people can communicate and work with rich formatted text, images, videos, maps and more.

Google has now closed wave:
But despite these successes, and many loyal fans, the wave has not seen the introduction we expected. We do not intend to further develop the wave as a separate product, but we will keep the site at least the end of the technology and will continue to use other Google projects.

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