Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to promote your company or business via Twitter in 2013?

- Choose the account name wisely, i mean the one which will be helpful in promoting your business, as it will be searchable on search engines by the same name.

- Add website url - add your company's url correctly which you want to be promoted.

- Importance of Bio - Add the keywords wisely in the bio, a catchy bio may help lure more people to follow you.

- Twitter a/c visibility -Add twitter account details on everything which is related to your business this may result in more visibility and popularity on web.

- Tweet regularly - Regular, sensible and informative tweets may help you to increase your followers and hence popularity gain.

- Use url shortners often - This may help to insert longer urls easily due to character limit.

- Add hashtags.

In-Depth Articles Goes Live on Google

A month ago, we reported tests of in-depth search snippets from Google - well that test is now a reality. Google announced last night that they will show these in-depth articles in the search results when the query is about understanding a broader topic. Google said this will help 10% of the queries that are seeking more than just a quick answer, really dive deeper into broader topics.

This is launching on in English to start but Google promises to expand this feature to other regions and languages.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Delete Map Listings with new Google Places

The new Google Places dashboard was missing an important feature, the ability to delete or remove a business listing from your dashboard. But as of last night, Google has enabled that feature in the new places dashboard.
Jade Wang from Google announced it on Google+ saying, "remove a listing now available for new Places dashboard users."

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