Thursday, February 5, 2015

Google to shut down Gtalk on February 16

In two weeks from now, you'll have to make the switch from Google's Gtalk messenger platform to its Hangout (whether they like it or not). Millions of users have been using the Gtalk for long time and they've become so comfortable with it that moving away has never been considered. So, Google has decided to force users by shutting down Gtalk once and for all.

Hangout is the future for Google (so they seem to think) and hence taking down Gtalk is the most logical thing that the search-engine giant can do now. Signs of Gtalk going down became obvious when Google decided to cut support (security and version) for the desktop application bringing its end closer to reality. As highlighted by Google the 'IM service will be wholly replaced by the Hangouts app, which can used only via its Chrome web browser.

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