Monday, March 23, 2015

Need To Grow Your PPC Account? Look To The Search Queries

One of the most common inquiries I receive from e-commerce clients is how we can garner additional, profitable traffic. Of course, this inquiry can happen at any time during the agency-client relationship, but I want to focus when it occurs after many months of management. To phrase another way, clients want to continue growing after the account has been built and (seemingly) all themes covered.
Expanding into new paid search platforms is a given for growth, but the purpose of this post is to examine an integral part of campaign expansion within AdWords and Bing Ads accounts, the Search Query Report (SQR). We all make use of this report, but I don’t believe advertisers know the true potential it has for account growth.
The most common use for SQRs has generally been to find negative keywords. There will always be terms that can be added as new keywords within existing campaigns and ad groups, but the report is primarily meant to find poor performers for exclusion. However, within dynamic, Shopping, and top-of-funnel campaigns, SQRs are a goldmine for new keywords.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Google to shut down Gtalk on February 16

In two weeks from now, you'll have to make the switch from Google's Gtalk messenger platform to its Hangout (whether they like it or not). Millions of users have been using the Gtalk for long time and they've become so comfortable with it that moving away has never been considered. So, Google has decided to force users by shutting down Gtalk once and for all.

Hangout is the future for Google (so they seem to think) and hence taking down Gtalk is the most logical thing that the search-engine giant can do now. Signs of Gtalk going down became obvious when Google decided to cut support (security and version) for the desktop application bringing its end closer to reality. As highlighted by Google the 'IM service will be wholly replaced by the Hangouts app, which can used only via its Chrome web browser.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Twitter tips for Promotion

Awesome Twitter promotion tips:

- Choose Your Twitter ID Carefully
- Link it Up
- Promote with #Hashtags
- Connect With People Who Have Shared Interests
- Use Twitter Directories to Promote Your Twitter Profile
- Offer Special “Follower Only” Promotions & Coupons

There are many such tips will share in other posts.
I hope these tips would help to make your #twitter page better.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yahoo & Bing Went Down and are back again

Yahoo’s dedicated search site at remains offline at the moment, a couple hours after Bing suffered and recovered from a similar outage.
As I type this, Yahoo’s search service is loading intermittently — but even if the service does load, it can’t execute a search request. In other cases, visitors are getting the “Yahoo will be right back…” message seen above.
Yahoo gets its search results from Bing, which was also down at the same time earlier today, but has since come back online. According to some of the tweets from those who noticed, both Bing and Yahoo were down simultaneously starting around 2:30 pm ET.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

2015 Predictions by Search Experts

Whether you’re a prognosticator or a prediction believer, visions of the future are spellbinding. In digital marketing, and paid search specifically, the experts can see the playing field for miles and tell the rest of us what they see coming our way. We interviewed a number of search marketing experts to get their take on what 2015 holds for us.

1. We’ll Finally Have a Different Mobile Conversation: More Mobile-Friendly Please

First, we can finally stop telling advertisers they need to be using mobile:
"I hope we move away from having to tell advertisers to invest in mobile. Those who aren’t providing a good mobile experience for their visitors will be left behind, plain and simple." - Melissa Mackey (@mel66), Gyro
"We’ll finally be moving away from the tired reminders of the importance of mobile. By now, I think we are aware that a lot of people use smartphones to search for things!" - Andrew Goodman (@andrew_goodman), PageZero Media
"In 2015, mobile PPC will go mainstream because advertisers will start to see mobile traffic increases and perhaps desktop decreases as the query shares continue to shift." - Lisa Raehsler (@lisarocksSEM), Big Click Co.
"Advertisers will be playing catch-up to capitalize on the huge surge in mobile searches and traffic." - David Szetela (@Szetela), FMB Media
"Obstacles will be removed for advertisers that don’t have the development resources or mobile-friendly sites through additional tools like Shopify, where the transaction and presentation of product info might happen off the main site domain." - Elizabeth Marsten (@ebkendo) , Portent
"Even if your IT department tells you your site is mobile-friendly, test out your homepage and a few internal pages to make sure it works well – you’ll often find surprises like the pop-over that is impossible to close or videos that autoplay." - Jen Slegg (@jenstar), The SEMPost

2. Focus on Audience: Across Devices and With New Ads

"One of the big trends is audience marketing and audience targeting. Everything we’re doing is about understanding intent. It’s all about audience – understanding more and more about them and delivering more relevant messages. The areas of display and search are going to become very gray and come together in terms of how you think about buying search and display, and retargeting across all those audiences." – Steve Sirich, general manager, Bing Ads Product Marketing
"Ads will continue to evolve to be more interactive and engaging. Ads aren’t just about the message anymore, but rather how much space they can occupy and how aesthetically pleasing they look. Additional features will be put in place to enhance the standard ad in order to garner more clicks and provide users with a more pleasing search experience." – Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro), Hanapin Marketing
"Cross-device tracking is going to be huge in 2015. Bing’s launch of University Event Tracking is a harbinger of the importance of tracking across multiple devices, delivering a user experience customized to the individual, rather than to a device or browser session." – Melissa Mackey (@mel66), Gyro
"The hot play going into 2015 is going to be video advertising, and specifically mobile video advertising. However, in order for content marketing to be effective it has to be customer-centric and data-driven." – Bryan Eisenberg (@TheGrok), writer and speaker
"We’ll see shopping directly in the SERP with Bing and Google, instead of going to a vendor site. Our crazy instant gratification needs will be met and we’re going to get strangely comfortable with buying through platforms that are not the vendor’s site, like SERPs, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest." – Elizabeth Marsten (@ebkendo), Portent

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

First 1000 Followers for your social media account

Quick tips: The best general strategies for growing your audience

Regardless of the social network you choose, there seem to be some similar, high-level strategies that apply to every network—Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
If you’re looking to build your profile and add new followers, here are some of the standard best practices. Lots more detail on each of these below.
  • Fill out your profile completely
  • Share a link to your profile via your other networks and via email
  • Place follow links and widgets on your blog or website
  • Add your new social profile to your email signature

How to get your first 1,000 followers on Twitter

Step one: Fill out your profile completely
This includes:
Writing an awesome bio with one or two select keywords or hashtags
Adding your URL and location—URL is great for adding context, location is great for getting found via search and geographic tools
Uploading a profile picture and cover photo. Check out the image below for what it looks like when someone clicks your username from Twitter’s desktop site.
Seeding your Twitter account with five to 10 tweets
twitter profile
If you want to get your profile even more optimized, you can use the Pinned Tweet feature to pin a tweet to the top of your profile page. Choose a tweet that embodies what your Twitter profile is all about or shows a lot of social proof, i.e. one with a lot of favorites and retweets.
Step two: Share a link to your profile via other networks and via email
Share with your Facebook friends that you’ve started a Twitter account. Add an announcement to your next company newsletter or in an email to friends.
Step three: Include a Follow button on your website or blog
Twitter offers four types of buttons that you can use to help visitors connect with you on Twitter.
  1. Share a link
  2. Follow
  3. Hashtag
  4. Mention
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

58% Of Local Marketers Will Change Tactics After Pigeon Update

There has been much expert analysis and published research on the impact of Google’s Pigeon Update.
In this post, I am going to share the results of some recent polls we conducted with attendees on a recent InsideLocal webinar, the topic of which was “The Impact of Pigeon.” (Note: webinar recording can be watched here.)
We wanted to measure the experiences and observations of the 600+ SEOs and SMBs on the webinar to see how they compared to the published, “expert” viewpoints.
We asked 4 questions, and here is what we found out.

1. Has Pigeon Delivered Good Changes For Businesses & Searchers?

Pigeon Update - Good for Searchers and Businesses
Respondents: 402
Key Findings:
  • 69% believe that Pigeon has delivered good change for searchers
  • 53% believe that Pigeon is bad for businesses
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Google’s Amitabh Kumar Singhal plans to increase Indian Internet users to 500 million by 2017

Google search has answers to most of your questions. But not all. If Amitabh Kumar Singhal succeeds in making the 'Star Trek computer' he set out to build, it just might. At Google, the 46-year old India-born executive is the search czar. Google fields over 100-billion search queries every month, a service which generated most of its $55 billion (Rs 3.3 lakh crore) revenue in 2013.

In India, there is also another important target on his mind-—helping increase the number of internet users to 500 million by 2017. That is more than a twofold increase in less than three years, demonstrating the scale of Google's ambitions in the country.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Google Enables Multiple AdWords Account Logins

Hear that? That is the communal sigh of relief echoing throughout the paid search world. The days of having several browsers open in order to manage multiple AdWords accounts simultaneously are finally over.
Google announced a new workflow that allows you to switch between Google accounts without having to log out and log in again. Switch accounts and still stay logged into all of them.
To get started in AdWords, click on either the Customer ID or login email in AdWords to open what’s called the account selector. Managers can choose to add more accounts using the “Add Account” button.
This is an example of a seemingly small change that will make a huge difference in user experience and productivity.

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