Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some SEO Tips

Below are the 10 important SEO tips which can fetch fruitful results for a site on SERPs :
  1. Bold Tags - Use bold ( ) tags around your keywords. These help search engine spider know what are your keywords therefore helping you rank well for that keyword. Search Engine spiders are programmed to know if a text is bold then it is something important. So, using of bold tags will increase your chances of ranking higher for that keyword. Don’t use bold tags too much in one page, I would suggest to just use it twice or thrice in every page.
  2. Page Title - Page Title is one of the most important thing to consider when doing on-page SEO. It’ll be hard to rank for a certain keyword if it doesn’t exist in your title. Always make your title short but also a catchy one and must be keyword rich.
  3. Article Exchange - Article Exchange are just like link exchange but just much better. Article exchange is where your article will be posted in someone’s blog and at the same time, someone’s article will be posted in your blog. Usually, links are added at the end of the article. Why is this better than link exchange? You both get content and have quality links.
  4. Deep Linking - Deep Linking is where you link each of your related articles aside from your homepage. This can help your single pages rank much higher for that keyword. By doing this (linking each of your related articles), search engines will know that you have a lot of good content. That is why, it is not a good idea to always link it to your homepage because search engines will think that you don’t have much content because it always link to your homepage.
  5. Sitemap - Sitemap is one of the basic things that a website should have. Sitemap helps search engine spider to crawl every page of your website. It is very important to have this especially if you have a big site to make sure that every pages will be crawled.
  6. Web Analytics - Having web analytics will help you know where your traffic are coming from therefore you will know what strategy you’re doing is successful. You will also know what keywords you rank well in search engines.
  7. SEO-Friendly URLs - URL is also a big factor when it comes to SEO that is why it is important to make a keyword rich URL. For example you have an article about SEO Tips, your URL should be somewhat like Make it short but making sure that it consists of your target keyword.
  8. Unique Content - You can hear almost everywhere people saying that content is King. It is important that you make good and unique content because if you have those then people will link to your site therefore you get a lot of natural backlinks. Also, people will always come back to your site for more if they know that you have good content.
  9. Build Links Intelligently - Inbound links are the basis of search engines on how well a site will rank that is why it is important to get a lot of backlinks as much as you can. Always go for quality over quantity, which means that you should look for related links than getting a lot of links but are not related. You should also consider submitting to search engines and directories.
  10. Comment in other related blogs - Commenting to other related blogs will help your site get more exposure. It will also increase your backlinks but you should look for blog that have dofollow links. Participating in other related blogs will also help you learn some new things.
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