Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Five SEO Secrets for site's visibility

1. Determine Goals, Priorities, and Measurements
Before starting an SEO campaign, develop measurable goals and priorities, and plan to revise them periodically. Some questions to answer: What are your current business needs? Which of your products or services are most important to promote now? What do you want visitors to your site to do, buy, or learn?
Next, decide how to measure success. If you haven't already done so, add Google Analytics to each page of your site. Google Analytics reveals which keywords visitors used to find your site, and much more. You can find many Web traffic analysis tools out there, but Google's includes all of the features that most small businesses need.
2. Research Keywords
Often, a business doesn't describe its products using the same keywords that its clients use. You may be promoting "portable media players," for instance, but your potential customers call them "MP3 players." That's why it's important to talk to employees, partners, current and potential clients, and your sales staff to determine which words are most frequently used when people seek out your company and its products or services. Use those phrases to develop an initial list of SEO keyword candidates.
Several keyword-research tools are available to help you choose the best terms for SEO. The free Google AdWords Keyword Tool helps you gauge how frequently keywords are searched in the United States (and globally), and how competitive a keyword is. The tool is designed to help marketers choose keywords for Google PPC ads, but it's useful for organic keyword research, too. You'll also get lots of keyword variations that you might not have thought of.
3. Use Keywords Judiciously
Using keywords effectively can make your site more discoverable. But overusing or abusing them can cause search engines to ignore you. Here are some tips for adding keywords to your Web pages:
4. Create 'Linkbait'
Editorial endorsements of your product or service from someone else, such as a high-profile blogger, can be pure SEO gold--especially when that endorsement includes a keyword-rich link to a relevant page on your site.
You don't have as much control over external links to your site as you do over the keywords you use, of course. Still, you can take some steps.
5. Make Sure Your Site Is Search Engine Friendly
Search engine "bots" primarily index text and follow links. Though they are getting more sophisticated, bots can't easily index nontext content, such as Flash animations. JavaScript content, such as site menus rendered in Ajax, can stop a search engine bot in its tracks. The bottom line: If your Website contains lots of Flash, Ajax, and other nontext material, you're making it difficult for the search engines to index your pages. And if search engines can't index that content, searchers won't be able to find it when they perform queries. If you're planning a new site, make sure its design is friendly to search engines from the beginning.
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Importance of Article Marketing

More and more, I see articles popping up as guest post’s on blogs and as premium content on websites. Of course, people are still using article directories to mass submit their articles to a variety of websites as well. But is that still an effective way to do it?

It is true that article marketing has changed a lot in the last couple of years. The top-tier search engine marketers today are writing premium original content and sending it out to other websites for a link back. That’s becoming much more effective than the old school way of mass distribution. But I wouldn’t count mass distribution out just yet, just pick better places to submit your articles, such as eZine Articles, HubPages or

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Monday, November 9, 2009

New ‘Google Dashboard’ service by Google

Google has been launching so many new services lately that it’s been difficult to keep up. Their Dashboard service is designed to show exactly how much the search giant knows about its users daily online activities.

This service displays a summary of data collect from a specified Google account. Users are afforded the options to sort and manage data collected from a huge array of sources. Data collected ranges from search queries and emails to video usage on YouTube. Users will usually have already allowed consent for Google to keep information about their activities online, now the search behemoth has grasped even more data, ever wonder how much Google actually has on each of us. Just how much information do they have about us? How do they use it?

The service provides a summary of data associated with a specified Google account. Users gain the ability to view and manage data, which ranges from search engine queries and emails sent through Gmail through to videos viewed on YouTube, and much else besides. Users will usually have already consented to allow Google to keep tabs on their activities online, but the search conglomerate’s tentacles reach so far that it’s tough to know just how much information it holds on each of us.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

How important are internal links for a site?

A lot of time is spent on building external links. External links are promoted as a great help to SEO, which they are, but it’s important not to overlook the links you have best access to. These are the links within your own site.

Internal linking is an important part of SEO which can often be overlooked. This is a shame, as it’s far easier to solidify your internal links than it is to nurture links from external sites. A site with the right internal structure can score a higher ranking than a badly structured site with external links. Also, internal links are guaranteed to come from the page with the most authority on your business – your own.

Your internal links can help make sure that all of your pages are seen by search engine spiders, build on the keyword density within the site, increase the PageRank of your internal pages and ultimately increase your site’s overall ranking.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Google broadening market for SEO

In the past two weeks, Google has released several updates for its mobile search service, adding localization and making searches easier - as well as adding extra dimensions for search engine optimization (SEO) professionals to consider.

Google has supported localized search on iPhones through that device's Safari browser for several months now, but recently broadened its support to include Windows Mobile phones. Google's local app categorizes search results based on the current location of the device doing the search, making it easy for users to search for the nearest ATM or restaurant.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is SEO for Bing necessary, as market share declines?

Maybe the idea of using Bing for search engine optimization (SEO) isn't such a big deal after all.

While many have touted the importance of a Microhoo deal which would give Bing and Yahoo a significant portion of the search engine market and make the combined entity more important in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), it seems that Bing has hit a snag.

According to figures released last week from StatCounter, Bing saw its market share in the U.S. and around the globe drop for the first time since it was unveiled earlier this year. In what may make matters worse for the Microsoft/Yahoo partnership, Yahoo also saw its U.S. market share drop more than a full percentage point in September.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some SEO Tips

Below are the 10 important SEO tips which can fetch fruitful results for a site on SERPs :
  1. Bold Tags - Use bold ( ) tags around your keywords. These help search engine spider know what are your keywords therefore helping you rank well for that keyword. Search Engine spiders are programmed to know if a text is bold then it is something important. So, using of bold tags will increase your chances of ranking higher for that keyword. Don’t use bold tags too much in one page, I would suggest to just use it twice or thrice in every page.
  2. Page Title - Page Title is one of the most important thing to consider when doing on-page SEO. It’ll be hard to rank for a certain keyword if it doesn’t exist in your title. Always make your title short but also a catchy one and must be keyword rich.
  3. Article Exchange - Article Exchange are just like link exchange but just much better. Article exchange is where your article will be posted in someone’s blog and at the same time, someone’s article will be posted in your blog. Usually, links are added at the end of the article. Why is this better than link exchange? You both get content and have quality links.
  4. Deep Linking - Deep Linking is where you link each of your related articles aside from your homepage. This can help your single pages rank much higher for that keyword. By doing this (linking each of your related articles), search engines will know that you have a lot of good content. That is why, it is not a good idea to always link it to your homepage because search engines will think that you don’t have much content because it always link to your homepage.
  5. Sitemap - Sitemap is one of the basic things that a website should have. Sitemap helps search engine spider to crawl every page of your website. It is very important to have this especially if you have a big site to make sure that every pages will be crawled.
  6. Web Analytics - Having web analytics will help you know where your traffic are coming from therefore you will know what strategy you’re doing is successful. You will also know what keywords you rank well in search engines.
  7. SEO-Friendly URLs - URL is also a big factor when it comes to SEO that is why it is important to make a keyword rich URL. For example you have an article about SEO Tips, your URL should be somewhat like Make it short but making sure that it consists of your target keyword.
  8. Unique Content - You can hear almost everywhere people saying that content is King. It is important that you make good and unique content because if you have those then people will link to your site therefore you get a lot of natural backlinks. Also, people will always come back to your site for more if they know that you have good content.
  9. Build Links Intelligently - Inbound links are the basis of search engines on how well a site will rank that is why it is important to get a lot of backlinks as much as you can. Always go for quality over quantity, which means that you should look for related links than getting a lot of links but are not related. You should also consider submitting to search engines and directories.
  10. Comment in other related blogs - Commenting to other related blogs will help your site get more exposure. It will also increase your backlinks but you should look for blog that have dofollow links. Participating in other related blogs will also help you learn some new things.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Google Glossary

Enter word http for your search to find the top 1000 PageRanked sites.

Enter www in your search to see how Google ranks the top 1,000 sites.

Type the following prefixes in Google search and note their utility:

1) link:url Shows other pages with links to that url.
2) related:url same as "what's related" on serps.
3) site:domain restricts search results to the given domain.
4) allinurl: shows only pages with all terms in the url.
5) inurl: like allinurl, but only for the next query word.
6) allintitle: shows only results with terms in title.
7) intitle: similar to allintitle, but only for the next word.
8) cache:url will show the Google version of the passed url.
9) info:url will show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages containing the url.
10) spell: will spell check your query and search for it.
11) stocks: will lookup the search query in a stock index.
12) filetype: will restrict searches to that filetype. "-filetype:pdf" to remove Adobe PDF files.
13) daterange: is supported in Julian date format only. 2452384 is an example of a Julian date.
14) maps: If you enter a street address, a link to Yahoo Maps and to MapBlast will be presented.
15) phone: enter anything that looks like a phone number to have a name and address displayed.
16) "+www.somesite.+net" - how many pages are indexed.
17) allintext: searches only within text of pages, but not in the links or page title
18) allinlinks: searches only within links, not text or title

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Using of Proper SEO strategy

An important aspect of any SEO campaign is having an effective strategy in place. Depending on what kind of industry you are in, the strategy you choose to implement will differ. This will mostly be due to the amount of competition for the keyphrases you want to be found for. Also, you might be integrating some sort of SMO in the SEO campaign.

Your strategy can be simple for easy phrases. Get onpage right and then do lots of quality link building. But for more competitive and generally lucrative phrases, you will probably need a more advanced strategy involving many more SEO techniques.

This is one reason why employing a successful SEO company to help you with your search engine optimization is usually a step in the right direction. You can beat your head up against a wall as often as you like without a productive strategy and the result will be the same for a long time, you will have a headache.

Maybe you need more article marketing or blogs to be set up. Maybe lots of satellite websites for greater lead generation and increased SEO power. A structured campaign that runs on time every time will always bring better results than a made up effort by somebody who does not have lots of experience ranking a wide variety of websites.

So if you are still confused with strategy making, don't waste your time just go for a SEO company today and you will find all the solutions.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Digg adds nofollow on external links

Digg recently made few changes to the site by adding nofollow to external links. They said before making this decision they reffered to many of SEO/SEM experts. They said that this step has been taken to reduce the effect of spamming, as many users does link spamming as a part of SEO activity for their aite. This may include all external links from comments, user profiles and story pages below a certain threshold of popularity.

It may effect SEO community as Digg is a major social bookmarking site which is used by every professional in the industry, it might be a loss to them.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Important SEO Factors (2009)

A great report was released by SEOmoz on important search engine optimization factors for 2009. “Every two years, SEOmoz surveys top SEO experts in the field worldwide on their opinions of the algorithmic elements that comprise search engine rankings. This year features contributors from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, the Ukraine, the Dominican Republic and many more.

Each participant was asked to rate more than 100 search ranking factors along with specific questions about hot issues in the SEO field.

Top 5 Ranking Factors

1. Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links 73% very high importance

2. External Link Popularity (quantity/quality of external links) 71% very high importance

3. Diversity of Link Sources (links from many unique root domains) 67% very high importance

4. Keyword Use Anywhere in the Title Tag 66% very high importance

5. Trustworthiness of the Domain Based on Link Distance from Trusted Domains (e.g. TrustRank, Domain mozTrust, etc.) 66% very high importance

Top 5 Negative Ranking Factors

1. Cloaking with Malicious/Manipulative Intent 68% very high importance

2. Link Acquisition from Known Link Brokers/Sellers 56% high importance

3. Links from the Page to Web Spam Sites/Pages 51% moderate importance

4. Cloaking by User Agent 51% moderate importance

5. Frequent Server Downtime & Site Inaccessibility 51% moderate importance

Top 5 Most Contentious Factors

1. Cloaking by Cookie Detection: 16.3% strong contention

2. Cloaking by JavaScript/Rich Media Support Detection: 15.4% moderate contention

3. Hiding Text with same/similar colored text/background: 15.3% moderate contention

4. Cloaking by IP Address: 15.3% moderate contention

5. Cloaking by User Agent: 15.2% moderate contention

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Microsoft-Yahoo Deal

As of Wednesday last week, the dance is over. Microsoft and Yahoo entered into a 10-year search-and-advertising agreement that effectively takes the latter out of the search business and finally makes Microsoft a search contender. What does this mean for the search field? And what does this mean for SEO?

To get the answer to these questions, we need to take a closer look at the deal itself. It seems as if it's being covered nearly everywhere, but Search Engine Land and SEOMoz provide especially good information on the details and tease out the significance. Much of my summary will be taken from these two sources.

Basically, the agreement grants Microsoft a 10-year license to Yahoo's core search technologies. The software giant can, if it chooses, integrate the venerable search engine's technologies into its own. Meanwhile, Yahoo has agreed to, in effect, get out of the search engine business. Once the deal is finalized (and it is subject to regulatory approval), every time you search on Yahoo, it will be Microsoft's search engine - now named Bing, and formerly known as Live and MSN - that actually delivers the results.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Importance of Web Analytics

The analytics of Web have the major importance inside on the line businesses. The advance of the history of the visitors and the subsistence making research on the analytics is required and would have. We can know of the visitors and their sights by these analytics.

The use of Analytics increase day after day. The analytical professionals have a request more raised on the market. Each one can 't go well to an analytical expert. He requires large the thought, visualization and case study.

Each stripe the businesses above should pay attention approximately:

Rate of rebound:

The rate of rebound is something which assistances will know you that how the visitors go starting from your site. Moreover higher visitors of means of rate of rebound aren 't interested on your site. Few visitors of means are happy to remain on your site. He 's always better to make the rate 0% of rebound, however him 's nonpossible, thus him 's to better keep it less.

Length of visit:

How long do visitors remain on your site with the average? If the majority of the visitors remain the time of good quantity on your means of site they read a certain thing on your site which is useful for them. Visit the length thus is always essential to know the advantage of the viewer about your site. According to this metric you can optimize your site.

Depth of visit:

Are the means of depth of visit the visitor shows the interest too by visiting the other pages of your site? If a visitor returned visit the majority of the pages on your site and the good number of hours spent in each page says your impressive site. visited all the pages and spends less number of hours is not good. Is visited other bad pages. So much higher the depth of visit helps to raise your business as well as the mark.

Visitors of reference:

More reference visits means than you have the faithful readers for your site. If a visitor come on several occasions to your means from site it liked your site and found it useful. These kind of readers are called as faithful readers. Readers more faithful than you have, this much popular your site is. He 's very important to have more visits of reference. Always test to increase the number of visits of normal like visits of reference.

The majority of the search engines will consider all these factors, to reveal your Web site in higher results of Search Engine for a particular key word. Thus him 's important to note all these matters and to continue to work it and optimize to succeed with your business.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yahoo and Microsoft web search bonding

Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc. have ink a ten years business of search for Web to compete with best the leader of market Google Inc. but stopped before combining their companies of publicity of posting.The shares of Yahoo fell 10 percent while some investors were disappointed by the limited range of the business, which did not include will upfront payments for Yahoo because some had envisaged. The shares of Microsoft sharpened higher, whereas the shares of Google fell 1 percent.

Such which waited with interest to carry, the business were rather disappointing Marc today, says Pado, strategist of the market of the United States for the Fitzgerald cantor and Co. pact ten years, him 's not a bad thing. He 's not as good as which investors envisaged. The business culminates one prolonged, and sometimes controversial, dance between the two companies. They were inside on-and-with the loin-encore talks on an association of research since Yahoo pushed back last year Microsoft 's public offering of purchase $47.5 billion.

Under the announced business Wednesday, Microsoft 'questions of search for power of will of Search Engine of spoil heap of S about sites of Yahoo 'of S. personal Yahoo 'of sale of S will be responsible to sell the publicity of the best quality based on limits of research for the two companies.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SEO and Web design is utilization of time

The rise in the Internet during the last decade was phenomenal, and one of the largest things which was indicated on users of Web consequently, is which impatient group they are.If your business has an exit on line, the customers are only never a click from leaving your site, and of navigation to one which adapts to them to improve.The group of Creare make their deals to him to stop this of the event.

Dr. Jakob Nielson of guru of profitability of Web describes users like pitiless and of the notes how their lack of patience increases the need for management of mark in effective line. The rise in search engines composes only this need, because people are also impatient in the way in which they employ them, and will look at often only the highest results on any research given. The research carried out by Comscore proved that the Americans led more than 14 billion research core - an increase of more than 4 billion in right year.

Clearly search engines must be employed by the companies based on the WEB in the most advantageous way, and the companies of SEO in the whole world were fast to show their customers how to better encourage the traffic of Web.The group of Creare had paid an great attention to the report/ratio of Digitals Great Britain - in order to make the best use of its results.

It indicates that the Internet now starts to be seen by much like basic utility, and the fast wide strip becomes a Juste, not a privilege. These changes are of principal importance, and mean that any company of design of SEO or Web must obtain their strategies rectify exactly in order to be targets of meeting and the increasing traffic.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Social Networks truth

On the social networks, him 's not what you know, or even which you know -- he 's which knows you. And that 's rather much where the trouble could start, according to a new report/ratio.

Social networks -- like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn -- are the increasingly popular services which are conceived to help of the people to remain in contact.

Two-third of the social sites of network management of visit of the world 'of population of Internet of S at least once a month.

A quarter of companies were the victim of the attacks of Spam, phishing or of malware via the sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.

Here some ends in line of safety:

1) Do not open the attachments (of no matter whom -- not even your grandmamma).

2) Install supplier-have provided as quickly as possible the corrections of the operating system.

3) Just because you 're using Mac, you 'on the subject not automatically of sure.

4) Gift 't install or update the software (like the flash, the acrobat or the QuickTime right of all old Web site. Type or in your bar of navigator in the place.

5) Update your navigator at IE7, Firefox 3, or the late safari or opera. The updated versions have the better protections established in as well as of the difficulties for different exploits.

6) Do not download the pirated software or the music -- there 'often bad substance of S hidden inside.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Redesigned Yahoo can change SEO strategies

Although it recently was omitted among the discussion of the search engines, Yahoo maintained its spot like engine of the number two in the United States, but with a banner page improved it obtains more attention, which could make some reconsider their strategy of the Search Engine optimization (SEO).

Yahoo slated to reveal its new banner page at a certain point today in the United States and other areas of the world in the current of the week, in order to try to delude the users who seek a gate which could potentially handle much of their Web 2.0 needs.

Taking a page out of the enormously popular applications on the iPhone, the banner page of Yahoo will have a series of contents of apps that the users can employ like Facebook, eBay and another outside. It the 'movement of SA that Tapan Bhat, vice-president principal of Yahoo for the experiment of the consumer, indicates will improve the interaction of user.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

SMO - Social Media Optimization

In this competing world of businesses, you must be able to know the last technology which can make it possible your businesses to thrive. You must know the best manner of obtaining your name outside there, and in these day and age of state-of-the-art technology, one of the most powerful tools which you can use to make just who is with the social optimization of media.

The social optimization of media is a manner of connecting others as well as the shared interest by blogs and forum. Many people employ blogs and forum for their social method of optimization of media. The methods of SMO include to add food of RSS, as well blogging and forum, where people can comment on and connect themselves. It is imperative to be succeeded in your qualifications of advertisin. When people have a social life they finish by knowing that each one and this occur with the social optimization of media.

Some great manners of drawing the best from your social plan of optimization from media can enlist the following methods:

1. You can establish your profile in many communities in order to connect yourselves to others. It is a great manner of establishing the bidirectional communication and of establishing confidence at the same time. It is one in the fastest ways to obtain the bearing of ball of communication.

2. Give to your business a blog. There are many powerful social tools of media which can enable you to draw the best from your time. They are essential for companies nowadays and prove very salutary with no matter whom who can employ them and to prove to be an extremely powerful tool to facilitate your business in succeding.

3. Consider podcasting. It is a great manner of obtaining your point through and of making your deals to thrive. Simply an other manner of recording your thoughts with speaking words real is a great manner of drawing the best from your time.

You can wonder why the trouble with the whole this but must include/understand to you which is the last manner of making with your business a success. People like to connect themselves and feel as they are not alone; it does not import whayou can sell to you can benefit on line from this.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dynamic Optimization

Technologies and the e-business of Internet are now advanced and always developing day after day. Consequently people prefer to have a dynamic Web site for their companies or their presence on line. Thus for some webmasters or new optimizers of Search Engine which has experience to make SEO for Web sites simple statics becomes necessary to also know the way of optimizing a dynamic Web site?

For the successful optimization of Search Engine (SEO) of a dynamic Web site it east require to have some complex technology and methods of Search Engine which primarily different and are sophisticated much than the techniques of SEO used for the ordinary one, more conventional static head Web sites.

In can this article you find some ends useful and important so that the way optimizes a dynamic Web site but initially I would like to describe about what are the dynamic Web sites?

Introduction to the dynamic Web sites:
Maintaining the Web sites of businesses of days often are dynamic means that the Web pages are dynamically built pages which allow the interaction of user and the caddie on line is an example for that.

The dynamic Web sites are Web sites whose pages are produced moving and usually built with a computer programming language such as the asp, the PHP or the JAVA. Often dynamic sites bases data led means that the contents of site are stored in a database and the code dynamic tractions contained of a database.

Problems by indexing the URL dynamic:

It is really difficult to obtain dynamic Web sites correctly indexed in the principal engines of research unless they are professionally optimized. Even the majority of the search engines claim that they index now the majority of dynamic Web sites but always only in certain cases and it is limited to a certain number of URL.

One of the most important reason behind having the problem with the dynamic sites to obtain indexed by the important engines of research is that the search engines often regard a dynamic URL as whole of infinite number of the bonds.

Often dynamic Web pages of days are now created goes from there with various technologies such as asp (active pages of waiter), the technology of cold fusion, JSP (pages of waiter of Java) and so on. Maintaining all these pages are easy to use and work very for the real users really visiting the Web site, but they create usually a disorder with the majority of the spiders of Search Engine.

The primary reason behind it is because all the dynamic pages do not exist even until a user really passes by a question or a variable which produces pages. Often spiders of Search Engine are not programmed to choose or choose any question or variables. In this way, these dynamic pages do not obtain not produced and this is why do not obtain to be indexed.

One of the principal difficulties with spiders of Search Engine are that they cannot read and are not formed to include/understand the dynamic databases the ones of URL which contain a cord of question delimited by a question mark or all the other basic characters of data (#&*! %) which is referred as spider imprisons. Once a spider of Search Engine falls into any from these traps, it spells usually bad news for this dynamic Web site.

As direct consequence that the majority of the caterpillars of research have significant problems reading any level in a typical dynamic database, the majority of these spiders of Search Engine were programmed to detect at the dynamic beginning and to be unaware of the majority of the URL then.

How to optimize a dynamic Web site to obtain it indexed by the important engines of research:

1. Using tools or software of rewriting of URL - there are tools and of the software of rewriting of URL available on the Web which converts a dynamic URL into URL statics. Thus it is to better use these tools to convert a dynamic URL of your site into static URL.

For a company of Digitals of exception of example the solutions offers the software which helps to change the URL dynamic into static head those.

In this way, change of a dynamic URL in static head help to obtain easily indexed by search engines.

2. Using CGI/Perl Scripts - using manuscripts of CGI/Perl is one in the ways easiest to obtain your dynamic sites indexed by search engines. Path_Info or Script_Name is a variable in a dynamic application which contains Complete address URL.

In order to correct this problem, it is necessary to write a manuscript which will draw all information before the cord from question and will place the remainder of information equal to a variable.

When you employ manuscripts of CGI/Perl, the part of question of the dynamic URL is assigned a variable. Thus, in the example above ? id=586 is assigned a variable, said X .
The dynamic URL

will change into

by the manuscripts of CGI/Perl which can be easily indexed by the search engines.

3. Waiters of management of Web

Apache Server - Apache has a module of rewriting which allows you to turn of the URL containing of the cords of question in the URL which seek engines can index. This module however, isn 't installed with the software of Apache per defect, thus must check to you with your company of reception of Web the installation.

ColdFusion - is it necessary to modify ColdFusion on your waiter so that ? in a cord of question is replaced by has/and passes the value to the URL.

4. The static page bound the dynamic pages - the creation of a static page which dependent on a line of dynamic pages between into force very particularly if you would be the owner of a small online store. Create at the beginning right a static page binding to all your dynamic pages. And optimize this static page for rows of Search Engine.

Take care to include a title of bond for all the categories of product, place suitable alt label for the images of product with the description of product containing of the strongly popular key words relating to your business. Subject this static page to various important engines of research including/understanding all the dynamic pages according to the directives for the tender of Search Engine.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Content is the king (Quality content is what a site require)

The experts agree that which with the obligation, the contents of quality on a Web site is one in the best manners of increasing its optimization of Search Engine (SEO), but because a President of marketing in precise line, the double contents can make the opposite just.

In an article for PromotionWorld, Brian Easter, head of company of marketing of Internet NeboWeb, known as that having the contents which appear in many places on the Web an negative impact on a company a strategy of the optimization of Search Engine of S can have ('sEO).

If your contents start to appear in too many places on the Web, the principal engines of research can penalize your pages for, double of contents it writes. This can exert a definitely negative effect on your rows and thus on yours traffic and total presence on line.

But of the companies looking at to increase their optimization of Search Engine (SEO) want that their contents disappear viral and are dependent in the honourable places which can increase the traffic - something which can occur when the original irresistible contents are created.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SEO with Twitter and Facebook

With Twitter and Facebook taking research and real-time rumors that Google will soon be the same, there will be a growing need of companies to learn how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to attract people seeking results of up-to-the-minute.

To this end, writing by Mike Dobbs at Mashable suggests there are a number of tips that people can use to ensure that their Twitter - and potentially other engines in real-time search - working in their favor the search engine optimization (SEO).

Dobbs said one of the most important thing to remember is to ensure that the username and name of account to reflect the brand a company or an individual looking to represent.

But babbling, Twitter users should also consider how search engine optimization (SEO) could factor in what they write, especially in light of how Google presents the beep in a results page.

"The` lead in'de each tone seems to be important for SEO because it will determine what appears in the label under the beep when it appears during a search result on Google, "says Dobbs. "Approximately 42 characters are factored into the label for each tone, including the account name, as well as the initial characters of each beep."

To enter the world in real time search, Facebook recently announced that it considers an "up-to-the-minute research that will allow users to find profiles of the results of the friend pages fan and users who have set their privacy settings to allow others to view the content.  ADNFCR-1513-ID-19239032-ADNFCR

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now upload upto 2GB videos with Youtube

The ventilators of YouTube should be happy, since they just doubled the size of the remote loadings for users of 1GB with 2GB. The change counts for the regular holders of account, no position of account of necessary imagination. According to the company, the increase is to compensate for the remote loadings of the HD of the users.

It is a rather nice movement on their part considering they very recently made the movement to 1GB starting from 100MB back in September 2008. A thing to be taken into account is that even with the increase in size, any non-aligned that the videos remain always limited to 10 minutes length.

For these people who make use of the videos of loading of HD to divide and insert, YouTube made easiest of process which it was previously. Very that you must make now is additions &hd=1 (without quotations) with the URL of YouTube, and if possible, he will play in HD. Or, you also have play the option in HD which you can employ when you configure of the things to include your code to copy it and stick some share.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Importance of Sitemaps

There are two types of sitemaps in general. The first is a HTML page listing the pages of your site—often by section—and it help users find the information they need.

Other is XML Sitemaps, usually called Sitemaps, with S in capital are a way to give Google information about the site.

A Sitemap is basically a list of the pages on the website. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on the site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google's normal crawling.

They are helpful if:

* The site has dynamic content.
* The site has pages that aren't easily discovered by Google crawler during the crawl process - for example, pages featuring AJAX or Flash.
* The site is new and has few links to it.
* The site has number of content pages that are not well linked to each other, or are not linked at all.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How important is keyword analysis?

Keyword analysis is one of the major task done while doing SEO for a site. Everyone has a different way of choosing keywords for there site. The keywords must be related to your site theme, they must have a search volume. To work on keywords the keywords must be categorized, so that we should know which keywords needs to be worked on most. They can be categorized into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary according to search volumes, exact counts etc. Each page of the website must have some specific keyword targeted for that page that way we can target more keywords for our site.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Social Bookmarking

It is a method for Internet users to organize, store, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet, in the form of tags.In this users save links to web pages that they want to remember and share. These bookmarks are usually public, and can be made private, shared only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of public and private domains. It is thought to be a best practise in SEO to get your site indexed, get traffic on your sites and to get backlinks as well by tagging the site with targeted keywords.

There are many social bookmarking sites available online some of them are mentioned below:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Article submissions

Article submissions is the way to promote your site on web. Article helps in getting backlinks for the site as the articles are counted as backlinks in SERPs. For article submissions get a quality content, target the primary keywords of the site in each article and anchoring them with targeted page. Publish these articles on free article submission sites on web, some of them are:

It will surely fetch good results in means of getting traffic and in means of rankings as well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Importance of Page Rank (PR)

PageRank resembles the importance of a page on web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be. Also, the importance of the page that is casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. Google calculates a page's importance from the votes casted for it. How important each vote is, is taken into account when a page's PageRank is calculated. PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page's ranking in the search results. It isn't the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one.

Note: Avoid link farms and try to get industry specific links for your site for better performance of site on web.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Off page factors

Off page factors include:

Link Building which includes one way, two way and three way submissions. one way is the directory submissions they can be free as well as paid inclusions, Article submissions, PR submissions, Bookmarking etc. Two way is the link exchange where you get a link for your site and in return you have to give a link on your site. Three way is you are getting a link for your site on other site, but in return you are giving them a link on your other domain.

Various other Off page activities include RSS submissions, Search engine submissions, Blog creation/Updation, Forum submissions, Group submissions, Blog commenting, pinging, blog directory submissions etc.